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ParityFactory is a family of products designed to simplify materials management for food processors. With a foundation on the shop floor, ParityFactory takes care of the factory first—bringing efficiency savings, real-time inventory and end-to-end tracing to every part of your organization from the inside out.

After decades in ERP and working with food processors like you, we saw a need for a stand-alone food traceability software system that was fully integrated, food specific, simple to use, affordable and a breeze to implement.

Here’s our story.

Arvid Tellevik, Founder

ParityFactory Family of Products

ParityFactory’s food-oriented inventory core is composed of three major components—simple screens for executing work in the plant, a robust office system for directing, monitoring, and reporting on operations, as well as a suite of integration tools for automating the flow of real-time data to and from the factory.
  • Food Specific—Features built for food processing such as tracing, unit of measure conversions and GS1 labeling are built into every part of the system. Specialized features for the materials life cycle, chain-of-custody and inventory processes in single-site and multi-site food operations.
  • Simple—Every screen adapts to its user and their specific job—making in-plant tasks and daily work very focused and very efficient. Complexity of food is simplified with clear directions, paperless execution and live reporting. Tracing works in the background using our unique automated lot tracking software.
  • Real Time—Capture every inventory event as it happens with mobile devices on the shop floor and easy integration with factory equipment. Automated data capture and paperless operations provide information and results in real-time free of manual errors.
  • Modern—Built on a foundation of SQL Server, with modern mobile technology and a web-based front end. Use on anything with a browser—scanners, phones, tablets, PCs and more.
  • Flexible—Inherently flexible and adapts to each plant’s unique vocabulary, processes and products. For example, the screens can speak your language. You pack crates? We can call it a crate. No custom coding needed.
  • Integrated & APIs—Connect easily to your current or future business systems with a robust suite of built-in integration tools. First-class materials management for the factory and flexibility to link up the software you need everywhere else.

Parity Factory User Interface

Key Features: For Food Processors, By Food Processors

We have decades of experience in food factories and we also listen to our users. Their feature requests are integrated in to the product on an ongoing basis—continually enriching the depth and flexibility of ParityFactory’s end-to-end solution.

ParityFactory captures incoming raw materials as they enter the factory. Managers organize and monitor work on the receiving dock by scheduling receiving orders, which workers can then track against as they unload deliveries. Received product is recorded, labeled and immediately visible in the system as inventory. Barcode labels are printed or existing GS1 compliant labels can be scanned, establishing the first step in fully automated tracing and inventory control.
Products are scanned as they are consumed into production. ParityFactory allows workers to pull product from storage and scan it into a production run—issuing either the full amount or partial quantities. Unused product can be returned from production back into the warehouse. This process establishes the second step in traceability ultimately linking raw materials to finished goods.
ParityFactory captures production off the line while printing barcode labels and recording the contents of each unit. Inventory may be viewed with live details such as where the product is in the facility and how much has been produced. Leverage this information with Parity’s advanced reporting to see real time run rates and recoveries. When moving the pallet to storage, mobile/forklift workers will be able to scan detailed location barcodes resulting in real-time inventory by room, aisle, rack or bin.
ParityFactory organizes busy shipping operations with shipping orders, workflows, schedules, staging areas, loading bays and truck appointments. Supervisors and crew become a well-orchestrated team for fast, accurate loading and dispatch. Whether from a staging area or direct to truck, ParityFactory’s instant error and confirmation messages make sure the right pallets are loaded on the right order, on the right truck. The system produces manifests and bills of lading at the dock that reflect exactly what is on the truck making sure all deliveries get out on time.
ParityFactory traces inventory both forward and backward through the production process with automated data capture points and configurable lot rules. Advanced reporting tools include unlimited search and filter options and will allow a user to link a finished good case back to the original receipt information. Easily see where a specific raw material from a vendor ended up or work back from customer complaint to see the source materials and other customers who received that lot.
ParityFactory gives immediate visibility to every inventory event in the factory. Information is available down to the product, lot, case and/or pallet level as product moves from receipt into production, staging and shipping. Live views of raw material balances, real time production, available for sale, and product locations are accessible from any device, anywhere, any time.
ParityFactory was designed with integrations in mind from the foundation up. The system includes RESTful WebAPI gateways for all transaction types allowing directives to be received (i.e. import shipping orders) or the export of actual inventory events (i.e. export of production totals). In addition to the standard gateways, Parity’s factory router box—ParityLink—allows you to easily configure integrations for routing factory data to and from ParityFactory.
As accessories to the core inventory tracking and barcoding provided by ParityFactory, ParityApps is a set of optional cloud based applications that track inventory events and transactions through hardware on the shop floor. For example, utilize RFID readers and tags to track inventory locations in real time or pull data from imagers mounted on the production line for label validation, run rates and real time email alerts. ParityApps are designed to be focused, simple for users to understand, modular and when combined with ParityLink, able to be setup within a day.

Those Were Just A Few Main Features, Here Are Plenty More

  • Automated end-to-end lot tracing
  • Unlimited units of measure & conversions
  • Customizable containers: cases, bins, vans, etc.
  • Easily recorded inner-pack & piece count details
  • Highly configurable product codes
  • Support of many material types: fluid, fresh, canned, etc.
  • For primary processing & consumer packaged products
  • Features for continuous & batch production
  • Detailed yield and pack mix reporting
  • Vendor specific codes for tracing
  • Barcoded, simple logistic unit tracking (pallet, tote, container)
  • Mobile order picking & shopping cart order execution
  • Automated case, tote, drum, pallet label printing
  • Detailed or simple warehouse location tracking
  • Built in business system (ERP) integrations
  • Built in third-party warehouse integrations (EDI)
  • First-in-first-out (FIFO) inventory, usage and shipping
  • Automated tracking of origin, plant, line, pack date, lot code
  • Multiple product & inventory owners management
  • Company specific work flows for shipping, receiving, etc.
  • GS1 label reading & recognition
  • Drag & drop user configurable interface
  • Dynamic Excel Pivot Table reporting
  • Facilities managed as independent plants or as a campus
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Factory First. Factory Now.

“Focusing on our factory needs first was a winning strategy for us. Processing is the heart of our business and we could see early on that if the plant was efficient and capable of generating real-time factory data—everything would be easier. And we were right. With ParityFactory our shop floor jobs were made easier and live plant information feeding to our other business systems streamlined our operation considerably.”

—Specialty Meat Producer

End-to-End Control for End-to-End Benefits

System features focus on delivering exactly what food operations need at each level of the operation – making ParityFactory an asset to your teams, not a burden. Each part works in harmony with the other so life is easier whether you spend your days on a forklift, managing operations or talking to customers.

Parity Plant Workers

For Plant Workers

    • An easier, safer and less stressful job—With simple, laser-focused mobile apps
    • Error-free shipping, receiving and production—With easy to follow steps on mobile scanning devices using barcode tracking software
    • No more distracting paperwork or logging—With fully automated electronic data collection

    For Plant Operations

      • Know what’s going on in your plant—With real-time barcode inventory management software providing real-time processing reports
      • Be a first-class food producer—With secure, trusted material control and traceability
      • Cut costs and simplify operations—By going paperless—reduced errors, delays and manual data entry
      Plant Operations
      office workers

      For Office Staff

        • Get the full value of your business (ERP) system—By automatically feeding it with real-time inventory data
        • Easily communicate with the factory—With receiving, production and shipping instructions fed electronically to shop floor devices
        • Reduce reliance on excessive inventory—With live and accurate views of stock levels

        For Customers & Sales Team

          • Assure on-time, accurate shipments—With directed picking, shipping and loading
          • Guarantee trusted materials control—With instant end-to-end tracing and accurate labeling
          • Improve responsive service—With clear, real-time visibility of stock levels and production
          customers and sales team

          Get Started with ParityFactory

          Getting started with ParityFactory begins with a value added sales process—including FREE consulting and recommendations from food processing experts. Once you decide on the ParityFactory solution, implementation is a breeze. Real-time data can start flowing automatically from your plant within a matter of weeks.
          “This was the fastest, smoothest implementation we have ever had of any software package. ParityFactory’s simple screens and knowledgeable implementation team made go-live a breeze.”
          Apple Processor
          We get to know you and your business. We talk project goals, ROI, processing steps, plant layouts, container types, customer needs, etc.
          After understanding your specific operation we deliver a customized plan for accomplishing factory goals—including all the important details like what you need, what we do, how long it takes and what it costs. Solution Briefs and associated consulting are FREE, no strings attached.

          “We called Parity in January, we got through the decision
          process and they had the system live two months later.”

          —Seafood Processor

          If the Solution Brief looks like the right approach to you, we go on to show and tell. ParityFactory demos are custom to each unique plant so you can see exactly how the system will work for your operation.
          Time to launch! Under the direction of a dedicated project manager and project plan, ParityFactory is installed, configured, trained, piloted and prepared for go-live. A typical project spans a comfortable 2-3 months and never interrupts ongoing operations. Each shop floor operation takes less than 15 minutes to master, so the transition is fast and stress-free.

          “Ok, I got it… Wait, that’s it? I guess we don’t need the extra training time haha!”

          —Shop Floor Worker, Specialty Meat Processor

          Our implementation team comes on-site, in-person, when ParityFactory goes live. Change is always easier when a friendly face comes out from behind the computer screen to sit next to you, answer any questions and be sure everything runs smoothly.
          After the system is up and running, the implementation team changes hats and becomes your go-to support team. They know your operation and you know them—no nameless call centers to navigate. Parity’s support portal, help desk and upgrade schedules continue to bring value to your operation as you grow.

          “Our implementation and support team was friendly and knowledgeable—but frankly we don’t talk much except for when they call us to check up or notify us of new features. The system is so simple to use we rarely have any questions.”

          —Meat Packer

          Cost & ROI

          ParityFactory implementations are always fixed cost—we believe the pressure of staying on schedule and on budget should be our risk, not yours. And when you combine our fast set up with an all-inclusive low price, you’re up and running with a nearly instant return on investment.

          “ParityFactory paid for itself AND all our factory hardware expenses (scanners, printers, etc.) within the first year. Huge payback with no headache. We’re already moving to expand ParityFactory to our second fresh plant.”—Large Fruit Processor

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          Fixed Cost

          We believe in fixed cost.

          No overages.
          No hidden
          No surprises.
          No risk.

          What's Included?

          Unlimited users forever, plus a lot more.

          » Software setup
          » On-site training
          » Dedicated project manager
          » Unlimited users
          » Regular upgrades

          Scaled Pricing

          Pricing by size & number of facilities.

          Pricing is scaled based on the size of the operation—making it affordable for everyone.

          Cost & ROI

          Short timeline.
          Low cost.
          Big payback.

          Customers routinely report that ParityFactory has paid for itself in a matter of months.

          Want to know your ParityFactory ROI?
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          The ParityFactory Story

          In our work with food manufacturing and processing systems at every level, we noticed a persistent set of problems, all with the same root cause. Everyone was struggling to get real-time materials control and inventory data flowing from the plant. When that information is constricted, every operation, management function and business system is starved for air. Under these conditions, no team, plant, operation or system can achieve the performance and efficiency demanded of a modern food production facility.

          Conventional approaches to solving this big problem were failing. Managing plants with extensions and customizations to ERP business systems was expensive, complex, time consuming and risky. Warehouse management software providers knew nothing of the squishy, variable, multi-dimensional world of food processing, food plant materials management, quality control, yields and lot tracing. Barcode systems didn’t understand the needs of those who work in or run a food plant, or work in the office of a food company. And we all know more people and more paper aren’t the path to efficiency.

          We realized this was the most valuable problem we could solve for our customers. With the enthusiastic support of our entire team, and armed with deep knowledge in food processing and technology, we set out to solve that core problem. All in, 100%.

          We recently celebrated our 30th anniversary and are proud of the depth of food factory knowledge it represents. Parity’s founders worked in food manufacturing for many years and saw first-hand the challenges of recalls, inventory control, plant efficiency and other issues unique to food processing. With a belief that technology would lead the way, they focused on the plant and built software solutions to help processors ranging from startups with one site to large growing enterprises. Parity expertise and products have continued to focus in on the shop floor and currently serve customers throughout North America.

          Parity’s team is unique in that we are all technology and food industry professionals—our executive management, our consultants, our developers, our support team, our sales associates. We aren’t just a bunch of techies blindly taking notes from someone who knows about food. We know the challenges of food first hand, we’ve spent 1,000’s of hours in food processing facilities and are each personally dedicated to the industry. This shared commitment results in the best products, smoothest implementations and most trusting long term customer relationships.
          • Design & Engineering

            Parity’s team of software engineers and product planners have a passion for bringing the best of modern technology to our customers. And in addition to a solid foundation utilizing the latest and greatest in system infrastructure, the team is also dedicated to interacting with customers regularly and getting the user experience just right.

          • Consulting & Support

            Parity’s consulting and support teams are trained business process, technology and food industry professionals. They are at home in a processing plant and have broad experience with technology solutions that make them unmatched in their ability to understand and solve problems specific to food operations. Strangely enough, our consulting and support teams are actually the same people. They wear two hats! They are ruthless about keeping their projects on track and exceeding customer expectations with smooth and quick implementations. It’s part of why we can offer our unique fixed cost deals. Then once everything is up and running—they stick around to help customers succeed. Everyone is on a first name basis by the time we’re running with long term support and that’s just how we like it.

          • Sales & Solution Development

            Parity’s sales team members are product specialists and are deeply experienced in food processing. They spend many hours each month in plants just like yours and are a wealth of industry knowledge—always happy and excited to share what they know of trends and developments in modern food manufacturing. Our sales people are dedicated to talking with operations managers, inventory specialists, and food company executives to understand their operations and develop (FREE) customized solution briefs on how to accomplish their operational goals.

          Industries We Serve

          Meat & Poultry Fruit & Produce Dairy Seafood Baking & Snacks Soups & Sauces
          Chocolate & Confections Pet Food Milling, Cereal & Nuts Beverage

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