Every food processor knows a recall can wreak havoc on their business. Best case scenario you experience a minor financial set back, worst case can lead to a complete shutdown. Having the proper procedures in place to handle a recall (as well as a good way to perform mock recalls) can be a game changer, and it all comes down to traceability. According to this excellent article on FoodEngineeringMag.com, “All food processors, no matter what they produce or where they are located, should develop, document, implement and maintain a program for traceability and recalls.” 

The article goes on to list the necessary elements for a good traceability and recall program. The key take away is the importance of establishing tracking procedures for raw materials and ingredientsfrom receiving all the way through production and shipping. And one way to make lot tracing easier and more accurate is the use of barcoding. 

ParityFactory makes it easy for shop floor workers to track the flow of product in the plant using mobile barcode scanners and label printers. Eliminating pen and paper record keeping reduces errors and speeds up lot tracing capabilities for office staff. Establishing mock recall procedures are another essential element of a company’s tracing program. Our customers report a dramatic improvement in their mock recall process. Zac Fitzgerald, CEO of Bake Works, said, “Mock recalls and lot tracing used to take us more than two hours of digging through paper work. After implementing ParityFactory, it now takes us about 10 minutes to do a recall exercise.”

While recalls are not completely preventable, establishing a solid traceability and recall program will certainly soften the blow of a dreaded recall. If you’d like more information about how ParityFactory can improve your tracing capabilities, send us a message or give us a call, we’re always happy to help.