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What do Costco, Walmart, Trader Joe’s and McDonald’s require of their food suppliers?

It might be surprising to find out that corporate food safety standards often far surpass what is required by the government (see more about the [...]

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ParityFactory Partners with Cognex

ParityFactory customer Westward Seafoods has been a premier provider of Alaska's finest seafood since 1991. Since then, they've grown in their partnerships, and are dedicated to [...]

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Best Practices – Labeling Goods Received

Labeling goods received is an integral starting point for lot tracing capability.  A question that often arises is, “Should I scan my vendor labels?” The [...]

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Customer Success Story: Bake Works

Based in Washington state, Bake Works is a family run, cutting edge bakery specializing in responsibly produced baked goods since 1996. Their top quality products include jumbo [...]

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Catch Weight in the Food World

Where does the term "catch weight" come from? Catch weight is a commonly used term in the sports of boxing and wrestling. In both sports, [...]

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Customer Success Story: Temptee Specialty Foods

Temptee Specialty Foods is a family owned and operated company based in Denver, Colorado. Temptee has been supplying retail and food service industries with high quality products for over [...]

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ParityFactory automates materials control for food processors using a combined solution of modern software, ERP integrations, and factory equipment. With increased speed and accuracy, food plants using ParityFactory, run smoother, and leaner as a result of real-time inventory, instant lot tracing, and an efficient shop floor.
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