ParityFactory Success Stories

ParityFactory has partnered with customers across a wide range of industries to automate materials control using a combined solution of modern software, ERP integrations, and factory equipment. With increased speed and accuracy, food plants using ParityFactory run smoother and leaner as a result of real-time inventory, instant lot tracing, and an efficient shop floor.

Cutting Edge Bakery Automates, Supporting Future Growth While Reducing Costs

Based in Washington state, Bake Works is a family run, cutting edge bakery specializing in responsibly produced baked goods since 1996. Their top quality products include jumbo cookies, gourmet shortbread, innovative gluten free products, sports nutrition bars, and power-packed Zac Omega bars. Their products feed millions of school children around the country, and they provide wholesale orders for any custom or high-quantity need.

Bake Works Case Study
Case Study - Bake Works

Custom Meat Processor Increases Efficiency with Modernized Materials Control Solution

Rabe’s Quality Meat Inc., located in Omaha, NE, specializes in custom further processing for primarily cooked beef operations. With approximately 100 employees their plant has the ability to process a million pounds of beef weekly and ships anywhere in the continental United States.

Rabe’s Quality Meat Inc Case Study
Case Study - Rabe's Quality Meat Inc

Top Meat Producer Automates to Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency

Temptee Specialty Foods started in 1962 as a small supplier of roast beef to mom and pop grocery stores and local diners in the Denver region.

Temptee Specialty Foods Case Study
Case Study - Temptee Specialty Foods

Leading Frozen Fruit Supplier Supports Future Growth with Automated Materials Control

Imperial Frozen Foods was formed in 1957 as an extension of the Fruitcrest Preserve Company. Already a formidable buyer of numerous fruits, Imperial’s owners had the vision to expand its market and became a leading supplier of high quality frozen fruits to further processors.

Imperial Frozen Foods Case Study
Case Study - Imperial Frozen Foods

Automated, Accurate Inventory Improves Efficiency in Alaska Seafood Operation

Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC), founded in 1944, is the oldest fisherman’s cooperative in North America. The 500+ fishermenowners catch salmon, halibut, and black cod in the Gulf of Alaska using traditional hook and line methods.

Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC) Case Study
Automated, Accurate Inventory Improves Efficiency in Alaska Seafood Operation

Apple Processor Reduces Costs, Gains Accurate, Instant Reporting

Happy Apples’ antiquated tracking process became apparent when labeling issues arose with one of their largest customers, Walmart. Walmart required PTI compliant labels, but Happy Apples was using an old and cumbersome ERP system that wouldn’t allow for the necessary updates. It was clear that a new labeling system would be required.

Happy Apples Case Study
Apple Processor Reduces Costs, Gains Accurate Instant Reporting

Major McDonald’s Fruit Supplier Automates to Expand

Peterson Farms was largely manual when they first started looking into materials control automation. ParityFactory was initially implemented to automate inventory control from finished goods through shipping. After a quick and successful roll out, Peterson extended the project to encompass the receiving of raw materials through production.

Peterson Farms Case Study
Major McDonald’s Fruit Supplier Automates to Expand

Poultry Producer Achieves Smooth Transition to Accurate, Real-Time Inventory Control

Schiltz’s inventory management and materials control were entirely manual before implementing ParityFactory. After implementation, Schiltz achieved accurate, real-time inventory without adjusting their existing production processes or back-office procedures, creating a positive effect on the entire operation.

Schiltz Foods Case Study
Poultry Producer Achieves Smooth Transition to Accurate, Real-Time Inventory Control

Seafood Processor Automates to Attain Accurate, Real-Time Inventory Control

At the time Alyeska began considering materials control solutions, inventory, tracing and other factory floor data was tracked and managed on clipboards. After implementing ParityFactory, Alyeska’s inventory levels are now visible in real-time and are always accurate. The value of real-time inventory data feeding the operation, as well as error-free shipping and automated labeling, goes beyond cost savings to include benefits like increased capacity, streamlined workflow, and better service to customers.

Alyeska Seafoods Case Study
Case Study - Alyeska Seafoods

Walnut Processor Automates to Attain Real-Time Inventory Control.

GoldRiver Orchards and its sister company, Barton Ranch, have been growing walnuts in California since 1912. In 2003, GoldRiver Orchards was founded to vertically integrate the farming business to processing and marketing. In June 2013, GoldRiver moved into their HACCP-certified, 104,000 square foot facility in Escalon, California designed for maximum efficiency and quality.

GoldRiver Orchards Case Study
Walnut processor automates to attain real-time inventory control
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