Peterson Farms is the largest privately owned fruit processor in Michigan. The facility focuses on the production of fresh-cut apples, producing 45 million pounds annually. Peterson processes fruits from more than 500 U.S. and Canadian farms and has been processing tart cherries off their own farms since 1984.

They have experienced significant growth over the past years, particularly with the fresh operation. Peterson also markets over 150 million pounds of frozen fruits each year along with 7 million gallons of single strength apple juice/cider and juice concentrates. Peterson was named McDonald’s 2013 USA Supplier of the Year, supplying McDonald’s restaurants nationwide with fruits including apples, blueberries, and cherries.

Peterson was largely manual when they first started looking into materials control automation. Manual record keeping on the shop floor and re-keying data into office systems had been manageable in the past; however, as the operation grew, manual processes became too slow, inefficient and error prone to support the expanding business. ParityFactory was initially implemented to automate inventory control from finished goods through shipping, and Peterson later extended the project to encompass the receiving of raw materials through production.

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