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ParityFactory software automates and simplifies the unique materials lifecycle of food production, giving manufacturers precise, real-time inventory, end-to-end traceability, and an efficient, data-driven factory floor. Using simple screens and modern hardware for execution in the plant, a robust system for directing, monitoring, and reporting in the office, and a suite of integration tools, ParityFactory is a perfect materials management solution for any food processor.

ParityFactory software developed to work across multiple platforms

ParityFactory is built to work on smartphones, tablets, desktops, industrial scanners — just about any device that can see a browser. No configuration, no drivers to download, no software to install.

ParityFactory captures incoming raw materials as they enter the factory. Managers organize and monitor work on the receiving dock by scheduling receiving orders, which workers can then track against as they unload deliveries. Received product is recorded, labeled and immediately visible in the system as inventory. Barcode labels are printed or existing GS1 compliant labels can be scanned, establishing the first step in fully automated tracing and inventory control.
Products are scanned as they are consumed into production. ParityFactory allows workers to pull product from storage and scan it into a production run—issuing either the full amount or partial quantities. Unused product can be returned from production back into the warehouse. This process establishes the second step in traceability ultimately linking raw materials to finished goods.
ParityFactory captures production off the line while printing barcode labels and recording the contents of each unit. Inventory may be viewed with live details such as where the product is in the facility and how much has been produced. Leverage this information with Parity’s advanced reporting to see real time run rates and recoveries. When moving the pallet to storage, mobile/forklift workers will be able to scan detailed location barcodes resulting in real-time inventory by room, aisle, rack or bin.
ParityFactory organizes busy shipping operations with shipping orders, workflows, schedules, staging areas, loading bays and truck appointments. Supervisors and crew become a well-orchestrated team for fast, accurate loading and dispatch. Whether from a staging area or direct to truck, ParityFactory’s instant error and confirmation messages make sure the right pallets are loaded on the right order, on the right truck. The system produces manifests and bills of lading at the dock that reflect exactly what is on the truck making sure all deliveries get out on time.
ParityFactory traces inventory both forward and backward through the production process with automated data capture points and configurable lot rules. Advanced reporting tools include unlimited search and filter options and will allow a user to link a finished good case back to the original receipt information. Easily see where a specific raw material from a vendor ended up or work back from customer complaint to see the source materials and other customers who received that lot.
ParityFactory gives immediate visibility to every inventory event in the factory. Information is available down to the product, lot, case and/or pallet level as product moves from receipt into production, staging and shipping. Live views of raw material balances, real time production, available for sale, and product locations are accessible from any device, anywhere, any time.
ParityFactory was designed with integrations in mind from the foundation up. The system includes RESTful WebAPI gateways for all transaction types allowing directives to be received (i.e. import shipping orders) or the export of actual inventory events (i.e. export of production totals). In addition to the standard gateways, Parity’s factory router box—ParityLink—allows you to easily configure integrations for routing factory data to and from ParityFactory.
ParityFactory prevents product from being accidentally issued or shipped with robust hold functionality.  Manual holds are utilized for identified quality issues. (Example:  Hold Lot 123 because of an undesirable test result, or hold tracking number 123 (pallets) because customer called with a quality concern.)  And automatic holds are utilized to support the production process. (Example:  Hold Product A for 36 hours to ensure proper freeze time, or hold Product B & C for 24 hours to ensure test results are complete.)

  • One, or many, hold code reasons may be used for a single event.
  • Automatic holds may be configured for manual release or automatically released based on a passage of time.
  • Configurable options for release permissions and internal move functions on held product.
  • Complete audit trail of holds, reason codes, release times, users and associated release notes.
ParityQuality is a module to ParityFactory and is built for food processors who want to record, track and report on quality data in the plant.  Fundamentally this will be accomplished by leveraging the existing ParityFactory Office and Mobile applications to establish and record quality test results.

  • Create quality tests for all stages of inventory including the setup of test names and IDs, data type and acceptable values.
  • Associate quality tests via both mobile and desktop applications to Lots, Tracking Numbers, Production Lines or Facilities.
  • ParityFactory quality provides stock certificate of analysis documentation and customization services for the stock form.
  • ParityFactory Excel PivotTable and BI tools will be available for the creation of advanced analytics and trend monitoring of quality results.
Explore the Benefits

Key Features

  • Automated end-to-end lot tracing
  • Unlimited units of measure & conversions
  • Customizable containers: cases, bins, vans, etc.
  • Easily recorded inner-pack & piece count details
  • Highly configurable product codes
  • Support of many material types: fluid, fresh, canned, etc.
  • For primary processing & consumer packaged products
  • Features for continuous & batch production
  • Detailed yield and pack mix reporting
  • Vendor specific codes for tracing
  • Barcoded, simple logistic unit tracking (pallet, tote, container)
  • Mobile order picking & shopping cart order execution
  • Automated case, tote, drum, pallet label printing
  • Detailed or simple warehouse location tracking
  • Complete electronic cycle counts
  • Built in third-party warehouse integrations (EDI)
  • First-in-first-out (FIFO) inventory, usage and shipping
  • Automated tracking of origin, plant, line, pack date, lot code
  • Multiple product & inventory owners management
  • Company specific work flows for shipping, receiving, etc.
  • GS1 label reading & recognition
  • Drag & drop user configurable interface
  • Dynamic Excel Pivot Table reporting
  • Facilities managed as independent plants or as a campus
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