End-to-End Control for End-to-End Benefits

System features focus on delivering exactly what food operations need at each level of the operation – making ParityFactory an asset to your teams, not a burden. Each part works in harmony with the other so life is easier whether you spend your days on a forklift, managing operations or talking to customers.

For Plant Workers

  • An easier, safer and less stressful job—With simple, laser-focused mobile apps
  • Error-free shipping, receiving and production—With easy to follow steps on mobile scanning devices using barcode tracking software
  • No more distracting paperwork or logging—With fully automated electronic data collection

For Plant Operations

  • Know what’s going on in your plant—With real-time barcode inventory management software providing real-time processing reports
  • Be a first-class food producer—With secure, trusted material control and traceability
  • Cut costs and simplify operations—By going paperless—reduced errors, delays and manual data entry

For Office Staff

  • Get the full value of your business (ERP) system—By automatically feeding it with real-time inventory data
  • Easily communicate with the factory—With receiving, production and shipping instructions fed electronically to shop floor devices
  • Reduce reliance on excessive inventory—With live and accurate views of stock levels

For Customers & Sales Team

  • Assure on-time, accurate shipments—With directed picking, shipping and loading
  • Guarantee trusted materials control—With instant end-to-end tracing and accurate labeling
  • Improve responsive service—With clear, real-time visibility of stock levels and production
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