Get Started with ParityFactory

Getting started with ParityFactory begins with a value added sales process—including FREE consulting and recommendations from food processing experts. Once you decide on the ParityFactory solution, implementation is a breeze. Real-time data can start flowing automatically from your plant within a matter of weeks.

ParityFactory Testimonial QuoteParity is a first-class organization with an excellent product, great service and support, and outstanding follow-up. We’re proud to be Parity’s first true nut client and look forward to our ongoing partnership.”

—Don Barton, President, GoldRiver Orchards

  • Step 1 – Discovery
    We get to know you and your business. We talk project goals, ROI, processing steps, plant layouts, container types, customer needs, etc.
  • Step 2 – Recommendations
    After understanding your specific operation we deliver a customized plan for accomplishing factory goals—including all the important details like what you need, what we do, how long it takes and what it costs. Solution Briefs and associated consulting are FREE, no strings attached.
  • Step 3 – Demonstration
    If the Solution Brief looks like the right approach to you, we go on to show and tell. ParityFactory demos are custom to each unique plant so you can see exactly how the system will work for your operation.
  • Step 4 – Implementation
    Time to launch! Under the direction of a dedicated project manager and project plan, ParityFactory is installed, configured, trained, piloted and prepared for go-live. A typical project spans a comfortable 2-3 months and never interrupts ongoing operations. Each shop floor operation takes less than 15 minutes to master, so the transition is fast and stress-free.
  • Step 5 – Launch
    Our implementation team comes on-site, in-person, when ParityFactory goes live. Change is always easier when a friendly face comes out from behind the computer screen to sit next to you, answer any questions and be sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Step 6 – Support
    After the system is up and running, the implementation team changes hats and becomes your go-to support team. They know your operation and you know them—no nameless call centers to navigate. Parity’s support portal, help desk and upgrade schedules continue to bring value to your operation as you grow.

Factory Equipment

Ruggedized mobile scanners, tablets, and printers allow plant workers to do their jobs faster and more accurately.

Factory Equipment

Ongoing Support

Dedicated to taking care of your investment. Offering reliable technology support for long-term success.

Ongoing Support

ParityFactory Testimonial Quote We went from a manual process to having live production, shipping, and movement reporting within a few months and with a simple, smooth user experience.”

-Kyle Benkert, Peterson Farms

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