Quality and Food Safety

ParityQuality is built for food processors who want to record, track, and report on quality data in the plant. As an integral component of ParityFactory’s  materials control solution, ParityQuality reduces risk, saves time, produces real-time information and establishes modern quality controls that earn the  trust of clients and food safety agencies.


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Make a safer product - ParityFactory

Build customer trust - ParityFactory

Maximize Product Value - ParityFactory

Make a safer product

Build Customer Trust

Maximize Product Value

  • Achieve recognized food safety standards.
  • Establish automatic holds from live QA data.
  • Detect live trends and correct on the spot.
  • Produce customer specific reporting, including COA’s.
  • Ensure shipments always meet customer standards.
  • Reduce errors. Reduce complaints.
  • Strategically allocate lots to customers and production.
  • Leverage QA information for refined pricing.
  • Identify your best suppliers.

Create Quality Tests

Create quality tests for all stages of inventory including the setup of test names and IDs, data type and acceptable values.

Reserve Product by Quality Attributes

Reserve specific lots to customer orders and have the ability to schedule production based on quality attributes.



Associate Tests to Variable Product Groups

Associate quality tests via both mobile and desktop applications to Lots, Tracking Numbers, Production Lines or Facilities.

Generate Certificates of Analysis

ParityQuality provides stock certificate of analysis forms and customization services when customers have specific requirements.

Real-Time Quality Reporting

ParityFactory Excel PivotTable and BI tools provide unlimited flexibility for advanced analytics and trend monitoring of quality results.

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